Having dark underarms can negatively impact your self-esteem. You might be less willing to participate in team sports, go on dates, or wear certain types of clothing (such as tank tops and bikinis). While the condition is sometimes the symptom of a more serious underlying medical condition, in most cases, having dark underarms is harmlessthough it can cause the sufferer great embarrassment. 

Many factors might cause your underarms to be a darker shade than the rest of your body; these include:

While dark underarms are harmless in most cases, you should see your dermatologist or primary care doctor if you suspect you’re suffering from diabetes or an underactive thyroid gland. Treating these underlying conditions often causes the hyperpigmentation to fade away. 

What Underarm Brightening Treatments are Available?

People resort to various methods to brighten their underarm area. These include natural remedies (such as topically applying sliced lemons and cucumbers), utilizing other forms of hair removal (such as lasers and waxing), and medical treatments (such as laser therapy and chemical peels). People may also adopt lifestyle changes to avoid darkening their underarm skin, such as wearing loose-fitting clothing and quitting smoking.

A cost-effective alternative to underarm whitening treatments at your dermatologist’s clinic is the use of underarm whitening products. These topical products can be applied at home, making them a viable and convenient alternative to appointments with your dermatologist, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Choosing the Best Underarm Whitening Cream 

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Googling the best underarm whitening products will yield a bewildering array of results. While many people go for the products that are recommended by influencers or the media, many of these products contain harsh chemicals that could darken your underarms even further, as well as lead to heightened skin irritation and abrasion. 

To avoid irritating your underarms or making the situation even worse, you should only purchase products that contain gentle but highly effective ingredients, such as glutathione, lemon peel extract, kojic acid, and glycolic acid. These ingredients also need to be properly formulated and should be made available at the correct dosages to avoid harming your skin. 

Lighten Your Underarm Area Safely & Easily with Glossy Skinnovation

Glossy Skinnovation offers a premium range of underarm whitening products that can be applied topically at home. These products contain gentle but highly effective ingredients at the correct formulations to ensure optimum results. 

Here are the Glossy products you’ll need to gently and safely lighten your underarm area:

Just follow these steps to begin your skin-brightening journey:

1. Apply the Intensive Bleaching Cream & Intensive Brightening Booster

Apply the Intensive Bleaching Cream evenly to your cleansed underarm area. Add 2-3 drops of the Intensive Brightening Booster to the mixture and leave it on your underarm area for 15-20 minutes. Rinse this off thoroughly with warm water. 

This process can be repeated two to three times a week. Don’t forget to do a patch test first before you begin using the products. 

Also, make sure to perform this procedure at night only as you’ll need to avoid any sun exposure while treating your skin.

Both products are available as part of Glossy’s Bleaching with Serum set

2. Apply the Fade Away Cream

For an added skin-lightening boost, apply Glossy’s Fade Away Cream evenly on the underarm area. This cream can also be used as a spot treatment on problematic areas of the skin. The cream can be left on overnight.

3. Apply the Superior Underarm Serum 

In the morning, you can apply the Superior Underarm Serum after your bath. At night, be sure to wash off the Superior Underarm Serum, then apply the Fade Away Cream.

It’s that simple! Glossy’s highly effective underarm whitening creams and serums will gradually and gently lighten your underarm areas, which will give your self-confidence a boost. 

To learn more about Glossy Skinnovation’s skincare and skin brightening products, check out our main product page