Model/Actress Sarah Moliski 

Sarah is a Model/Actress/Reporter/Beauty/Skincare Host that trusts Glossy Skinnovation to take great care of her skin, she loves the product so much that she promotes it herself making her one of our valuable Team Glossy Ambassador spreading what we do best.

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Geo Ed Rebucas



This is the reason why I'm spotless and almost don't need make-up when I'm performing

Sarah Moliski



Thank you for all the facial treatments, I trust Glossy Skinnovation to keep my face camera ready even if I break the F out or eat too much salt! gorgeous new location at SOHO is the shiz! love you ladies!

Laurene Lu 

Registered Nurse Practitioner


given my hectic and stressful schedule, Glossy helps my skin to rejuvenate and prevent break outs. I highly recommend their treatments and products!

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