The Right Skin care Routine Order


Aside from being wise to what products and ingredients you allow on your face, knowing the proper order of application is vital in having a skin care routine that actually cares for your skin. It’s easy to look at your skin care shelf and just layer all those products on and wish for the best. […]

How to Get Glass Skin: A Simple & Affordable Routine

Out of the many skin care and beauty trends that have come out of Korea, few are as enduring as the glass skin trend. Part of the appeal of this trend is its promise to give practitioners glowing and poreless skin that’s so smooth, it’s practically translucent, like well-polished glass.  Aside from the translucence, glass […]

How to Use Underarm Whitening Products at Home

young woman covering her underarm

Having dark underarms can negatively impact your self-esteem. You might be less willing to participate in team sports, go on dates, or wear certain types of clothing (such as tank tops and bikinis). While the condition is sometimes the symptom of a more serious underlying medical condition, in most cases, having dark underarms is harmless—though […]